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Rhinoplasty (Cosmetic Surgery and  Functional the Nose) :

It is the surgical procedure to modify the shape of the nose, remove defects, improve breathing and aesthetics.

It is a procedure that is performed under general anesthesia, it is outpatient (so you are discharged the same day)


There are different types of approaches in which we use no external scars, all are done inside the nose.

Rhinoplasty will help you modify the shape and size of your nose, giving it a more pleasant appearance, you can modify the back of the nose, the tip, the length, the fall of the tip when you smile.

What does the procedure consist of?

Nose reshaping is a very common procedure within otorhinolaryngology. It consists of removing the defects that the patient requires to achieve the creation of a nose that is in harmony with the patient's face.


What is the ideal nose?

The ideal nose is one that maintains harmonic proportions with the rest of the face. For this, it is very important to analyze the patient as a whole, considering in addition to their physical shape, height and weight, their ethnic characteristics.



The best result?

It is the one that manages to approximate a natural and beautiful nose, based on a detailed facial analysis before surgery.


May I know how my nose will look after the surgery?

We use a special program that allows you to manipulate images, constituting a valuable instrument for the nasal surgeon. A study is carried out based on the measurements, proportions and angles of each patient's face, in this way it is possible to approximate what the ideal nose would be for each person. Duration of the procedure About an hour and a half.


After surgery it is normal to notice some swelling in the face, as if you had undergone oral surgery, sometimes some bruises and minimal pain may appear. It is important that the patient follows the postoperative instructions to the letter in terms of diet, rest and hygiene, as well as using the medications that are prescribed to avoid complications. Generally between 7 to 10 days the inflammation has disappeared.

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